Welcome To FlexVolt

What is EMG?

Electromyography (EMG) is the measurement of the tiny electrical signals in your muscles when you tell them to move.  These signals are typically less than one thousandth of a volt (0.001V or 1mV), so specialized equipment is required to accurately measure muscle signals.

What is FlexVolt?

FlexVolt is an EMG biosensor that measures your muscle signals and transmits the data wirelessly to your computer or smart phone using the FlexVolt App.  Learn more about the hardware and software.

What can you do with FlexVolt?

Physical therapy feedback and retraining.  Biohacking, fitness monitoring, and self quantifying.  Control things with your muscles like lights, speakers, or your computer mouse.  Teach your class about muscle signals.  See more apllications.

The FlexVolt Goal

Typical medical EMG systems cost thousands of dollars and are found only in hospitals or doctors’ offices.  The FlexVolt goal is to make a functional and affordable EMG sensor that anybody can use to measure their biosignals, and we have met that goal.

The FlexVolt App

Visualization, Analysis, and Motivation   for   Training and Physical Therapy

Android/iOS ready

Available free at the Google Play store for android.  Coming soon to iTunes for iOS!

PC/Mac compatible

Available free on the Chrome Webstore for Mac and PC.   Requires Google Chrome web browser.

Live Demo

Want to see what the app can do?  Try it out online now!

Open Source

Contribute to the app or request new features.  Check it out on Github!

The FlexVolt Sensors

Choose from several different models to fit your needs!

2/4/8-Channel Wireless Bluetooth Sensor
  • Choose 2, 4, or 8 channels
  • Choose Bluetooth Mode
    • 2.1 EDR
      • Android, PC, Macs
      • No iOS support
    • 4.0
      • Android, iOS (soon!)
      • Some PCs/Macs
      • Data rate limited to
        • 8 Channels: 250Hz
        • 4 Channels: 500Hz
  • Battery-powered
    • 5+ hours battery life
    • charges over USB
  • Small and portable
Arduino Shield
  • Arduino UNO/Mega compatible
  • Use the FlexVolt Arduino library (coming soon) to get started quickly
  • Write your own measurement or analysis Arduino code
  • Control anything with your muscle signals!
  • Pair with Processing to interact with your computer
  • Use the FlexVolt Viewer App on PC/Mac to connect to Arduino via USB

FlexVolt Blog

Get Involved – Help Make FlexVolt Better

Contact info@flexvoltbiosensor.com to

  • Share your applications
    • How do you use FlexVolt?
    • What do you want to do with FlexVolt?
  • Provide feedback on the hardware or software
    • What do you like?
    • What needs improvement?
  • Request new features
    • New hardware designs
    • New app tasks

Or contribute to the FlexVolt App on Github

Who is behind FlexVolt?

Brendan Flynn, the guy behind FlexVolt, has a PhD in mechanical/biomedical engineering and has spent time working on research and hardware projects in fields including tissue engineering, cancer diagnosis and treatment, medical imaging, and biosensors.  These endeavors have each required custom hardware and Brendan has built up a knowledge base of mechanical and electrical design along the way.

After years in university research using and customizing biomedical devices, Brendan decided to transition to work with a more direct impact.  He set out with the goal of making biomedical technologies more accessible by producing hardware that is affordable and easy-to-use.  FlexVolt is his first effort toward that goal.